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Identity & web experience

Explore this case study about how we designed a new identity & user experience for this Danish cutting technology service.


Repositiong a brand & its digital presence



Cotter is a seven-year-old company based in Copenhagen. They have the last technology in laser cutting and a their clients consisted of well-known designers, architects and engineers, and larger brands like Carlsberg or institutions like the City of Copenhagen.


They needed a new brand experience that could open the service to any person that wants to build something, not just those who know how to use industrial design tools.


I worked on this with identity designer Andrew Weber, as well as the Stykka CTO, a fantastic programmer. We had fun exploring new ideas and telling their story. Through the process I became a huge fan of their work and actually used their service to create a unique art piece of my own.


  • User research

  • Prototype

  • User flow

  • Prototypes & Validation


From Cotter to Stykka

Transforming a brand to fit a new story meant to work with naming, visual language & digital product experience.

Group 5.jpg

The key strategy of their website was using case studies as inspiration. Strong examples were necessary for a creative service which is half ‘do it yourself’ and half ‘we’re here to help’.


Do you need to change the identity of your product or service?