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Check out this case study, it is about my recent work for an NGO fighting worldwide against inequalities

Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Looking at our world from a different perspective



GCAP supports people in their struggles for justice and brings individuals and organisations together to challenge the institutions and processes that perpetuate poverty and inequalities across the world.


They have grown organically in the last 13 years without any brand design or clear user experience. Now it is time to rethink the online and offline presence.

To design new visual language and website experience to communicate GCAP’s philosophy of ‘People Rising to End Inequalities.’


I teamed up with identity designer Andrew Weber and full stack developer Benji Bilheimer. My role was to design a new story and visual strategy, a new user flow for the website, to apply new identity in the user interface and to provide Benji with the best process and assets for building the backend and frontend of the site.


  • Problem identification & landing ideas

  • User flow & wireframes

  • UI prototypes & testing

The project process and team communication went so well that we will make future collaborations with upcoming campaigns.



Problem identification

GCAP is a growing worldwide alliance consisting of national coalitions running individual campaigns. After the first interviews with the team and analysis of their current website, we realised that these coalitions are the heart of the the NGO but lacked visibility.



The new web & identity was built to empower and connect coalitions, by presenting them as part of and interconnected organisation; large and influential.

Prioritising simplicity & ease of recreation, our new design features a globe as the key icon of recognition, representing the global nature of GCAP's work.


Users are able to explore all GCAP coalitions interacting with the map. Every country links to a profile coalition page.


Web design

First wireframes

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 16.47.38.png

Interface design

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 16.48.28.png

Final website


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