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Depending on the requirements of the project I team up with developers, data analyst, photographers, video-makers, internet marketers… for delivering the best quality results to my clients.


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I'm a digital designer originally from Madrid, with more than ten years of experience in design, motion graphics, photo and video. Since I was born I have lived in Madrid, Lisboa, Mallorca, Bilbao, Luzern, Zaragoza, London, Cuenca and Berlin. I have study Arts specialized in storytelling and learnt design by doing, consulting with books and mentors and working for big and small companies. I started as visual designer and from there have learn how to design interfaces and user experiences. At the moment I’m expanding my skills in UX research and design thinking.

I believe design can sell your product better, but also change the world and the persons living on it. 


It is urgent that the designer quits interpreting the role of a follower to do his civic duty of behaving like a thinker and communicator. It is urgent to quit messages of personal aesthetic satisfaction and mere styling works. The future asks that cultural and institutional projects undertake the successive and perverse creation of product selling techniques based on lifestyles and clichés. We are devoted to the world and responsible for the way we influence our surroundings. 
The future demands the creative capacities and technical abilities of a designer to become more democratic, sane, intelligent and interesting.