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User-centered design

See how design thinking has improved my career & it could improve your next project


Finding innovative & sustainable solutions for a better world


Using design thinking exercises to help others create fast prototypes and test them before they spend energy on the wrong idea.


Avoiding never-ending decision making processes; saving time and money; improving teamwork dynamics; thanks to the Design Sprint method.

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1. Set up a goal to provide focus to everybody involved

AJ&Smart Design Agency


2. Broaden possibilities through brainstorming exercises

The Do School

3. Narrow through mapping & decision tracking

Finleap & Deutsche Bank Hackathon


4. Discard assumptions through prototyping & testing

Factory Hackathon


Design Thinking

Solving big problems in the shortest amount of time.

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#TexxFactor: female in fintech by Deutsche Bank & Finleap

Two days of intensive design thinking for inventing CareCoin: the cryptocurrency and platform incentivizing the work that individuals, mostly women, do for free, like householding or kids raising

Play video at Deutsche Bank Facebook


#DemocracyIsEverything by Startup's club: Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin gave us two days to develop: Beyond the vote. A platform redefining the concept of civic engagement and democracy by empowering citizens across the globe to get politically involved. Anywhere. Anytime.

This time we won the first price and start being part of the Factory startup ecosystem. Currently I work as freelancer for some of the projects growing up there.

Read the Article at the Wired Magazine

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#HackingHealth: innovation in healthcare by Charité Hospital

60 hours at Charité University with a team of doctors, computer scientists, developers and designers made one of my ideas to become true: Sweetspot, an educational app supporting people with diabetes by enabling them to make smarter and healthier food choices at the supermarket. Since then I had a great relation with HackingHealth team. We were presenting ideas to spanish scientist community (CERFA) at the embassy in Berlin, also participating as mentors for Health hackathons in Berlin.

Visit Hacking Health site

Design Thinking for Hackahon at Factory Berlin 2017

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